Dental Night Guard Side Effects

Dental Night Guard Side Effects

July 5, 2019 0 By admin

You may not know when you’re developing bruxism especially when it happens at night. Researchers concluded that participants with high sleep bruxing activity tend to feel more stressed at work and in their daily life. Dr Linda, a dentist in Cabramatta, talks about bruxism and stress and accordingly, it’s one of the unique conditions that can affect both the teeth of young and the old. Bruxism is characterized by grinding of teeth or clenching them which may cause high level of discomfort. Whether you experience bruxism at night or during the day, the effect can be the same. Your dentist can diagnose sleep bruxism and fit you with a mouth guard to protect your teeth while you sleep.  However, there are a few dental night guard side effects that you need to look out for so read on as we discussed them here.

How to prevent the symptoms of bruxism

Some of the bruxism conditions may not necessarily need doctor’s attention because this can be controlled from home. You can consider a customized dental night guard to help keep your teeth safe and stop teeth grinding. There isn’t a proper medication for bruxism because it doesn’t have a proper or structured cause that can be handled through medication.

Extreme case of bruxism can be accompanied by certain symptoms that will easily cause suspicion on the victim prompting them to visit the dentists. Some of the negative effects that come with bruxism are sore on the jaw muscles, headaches and worn teeth among others.

Bruxism Dental night guard side effects

What are the dental night guard side effects?

Even though night guards work to help prevent bruxism symptoms, they also have some drawbacks . It’s important to understand the dental night guard side effects before using it. When you use them for a longer time you’re likely to experience some changes that may interfere with the normal position of the teeth. Since the teeth is most comfortable without the dental night guard, their use may add pressure causing slight movement or shift on the teeth.

Keeping the dental night guard in place the whole night can sometime be a great problem. Cases of swallowing the dental night guard or effects of choking have been reported making it equally risky. It can also cause muscles and teeth discomfort. These are some of the common complains that have been reported when using dental night guards.