The Various Sources Of Stress

Our daily projects expose us to many situations, and sometimes these situations threaten our lives. Such situations may cause tension or pressure or negative emotions such as anxiety and anger. Psychologists explain stress as a process that involves the person’s interpretation and responses to these threatening events. There are many sources of stress and vary from person to person depending on the circumstances.

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Causes of Stress

stressIndividuals can react differently to the same event depending on how one looks at things. These sources of stress can be classified into three categories; catastrophic events, major changes in life and daily hassles. The catastrophic events are those that occur suddenly and the victim does not have a defensive mechanism. They include natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods and hurricanes. Others are wars, torture, accidents, attacks and others. The victim may not show the effects immediately but after some time the stress starts to appear.

At some point, our life triggers changes and some changes are not welcome. You can face challenges such as divorce, imprisonment, unemployment, illness and death. Planning for a wedding is stressful but marriage is a positive experience. Technological advances have brought new inventions that have led to less time in leisure and the effects of stress are deeper than imagined. Stress in our lives is often the result of everyday problems related to our functions, relationships and environment. Some small things irritate us like heavy traffic, bustling neighborhoods, long queues, these affect our mood every day. Thus, they are the most common causes of stress. Stress is a part of life but you must learn how to deal with it to prevent long-term problems.

Dealing with stress

The key to dealing with stress lies in the ability to identify the source and use it for your own benefit. Learning to manage your stress levels through self-discovery is a great ability. Accept your weaknesses and learn from them so that you learn more about the role you play in creating your stress. This way, you will be better prepared to deal with it.

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