How Does Stress Affect Pregnancy In Third Trimester

How Does Stress Affect Pregnancy In Third Trimester

November 13, 2018 0 By admin

It’s very normal to face some kind of stress and tension during the time of pregnancy in women. However, having too much stress during this time can affect the pregnancy. It can cause significant damage to the health of not only the mother but the upcoming child too especially during the third and final trimester.

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Given below are some points which would let us know how does stress affects pregnancy in the third trimester:

  1. Stress may lead to an increase in the intrauterine infections of women. The elevation of stress hormones leads to the suppression of the immune system which finally leads to such infections.
  2. Stress in the mother makes the upcoming child more prone to stressful situations in the future. This is because the cortisol level increases in women when they take the stress, and it would have a negative pathological impact on the child’s health later on. How Does Stress Affect Pregnancy
  3. Taking stress may also affect the brain development of the child. This may later cause behavior issues in the child too.
  4. Stress may even lead to preterm births. This is one of the most common impacts of taking stress during the third trimester. Expert studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between preterm births and high – the level of stress.
  5. Taking stress may also lead to the upcoming baby to have a low birth weight. This is because the stress hormones can lead to constriction of the blood vessels due to which the baby would not be able to get essential nutrients inside the mother’s womb. Babies born with low birth weight may face severe health complications later on.
  6. Taking stress may hurt the fetus of the baby too. Even if it’s done unintentionally, mothers who take a lot of stress during their pregnancy, especially during the third semester, tend to hurt their fetus without their knowledge.

So, this is how stress affects pregnancy in the third semester. Taking stress during this time is harmful and dangerous not only for the upcoming baby but for the mother too. She may also face health problems like high blood pressure, muscle cramps, etc. Therefore it is extremely necessary not to take too much stress during the third trimester of pregnancy.