Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief – 3 Incredibly Easy Remedies

Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief – 3 Incredibly Easy Remedies

October 27, 2017 2 By admin

Your wisdom teeth or third molars are located at the back of the mouth in the back of the dorsal molars. According to oral and maxillofacial surgeons, wisdom teeth begin to grow for about 12 years. They start to appear from your gums between the age ranges from 17 to 25 years. Wisdom tooth pain relief can be done on DDSS/DDII Gosford clinic or even at home with these tips.

Man-having-a-tooth-acheAching Wisdom Teeth? Try these 3 Incredibly Easy Remedies.

1. Seawater
It’s great right after you pulled your teeth, but it’s also effective if you have a common toothache. You just simply take a large spoonful of salt and mix it with warm water. Like mouthwash, you just need to swing the solution in your mouth. Do this until you can withstand the taste or until your jaw muscles are affected. When you’re done, drink the mixture and just repeat it a few times. Having done this, you should get decent relief.

2. Carnation and clove oil
Carnations and their oil are time proven dentures; they have been used for a very long time. If you want a little quick relief of your toothache, try placing a small piece of clove on the diseased area or just use a couple of drops of clove oil. You can even mix the cloves with olive oil to make a paste that can then be applied to your tooth. The pain will decrease dramatically, but this relief can last so long.

3. Alcohol for relief
It’s not a vice. For this, no social drink is needed, as a home remedy. If you manage to keep vodka, alcohol or cognac on your shelves, and you have a nagging toothache, then you may have to swing it in your mouth to make it feel better. Continue doing this until you feel the relief that you desire. Also, you can simply use a mouthwash containing alcohol, if you want.