Why Do People Grind Their Teeth? What You Need To Know

Why Do People Grind Their Teeth? What You Need To Know

September 12, 2020 0 By admin

Why do people grind their teeth? There are many reasons why people grind their teeth. This article will shed some light as to why this happens and will also talk about some available treatment methods. After reading the article, you can find related content about how anxiety can lead to dental issues. 


What Is Bruxism? 

Bruxism is the name given to the disorder that has people grinding teeth while they sleep at night. Bruxism is said to be highly related to stress and anxiety, so many who grind their teeth at night are said to be stressed or anxious about a certain aspect of their lives. However, there are other causes of teeth grinding, which will be discussed later in the article.  


Causes Of Teeth Grinding 

There is more to the cause of teeth grinding. Not everybody who suffers from bruxism is stressed. Here is a list of the possible reasons why people grind their teeth while they sleep. 


Stress And Anxiety 

As mentioned earlier, many cases of teeth grinding are linked to abnormally high levels of stress and anxiety. People who are stressed may tend to grind their teeth at night without them realizing it.  

Abnormal Bite 

If there is something wrong with the alignment of your teeth, if you have teeth that are missing or if you have an abnormal bite, you may also suffer from bruxism. As you sleep, your mouth will naturally fall into a certain position. If you have missing teeth or if you have a crooked bite, the mouth will not be in the proper position it needs to be in while sleeping. This will cause the person to unknowingly grind their teeth against each other, sometimes to the point of the teeth being ground to stumps in severe cases.why do people grind their teeth

Sleep Disorders Like Sleep Apnea 

There are also certain sleep disorders that can induce a person suffering from them to grind their teeth. People who have sleep apnea may also suffer from bruxism, as if sleep apnea is not a serious enough disorder on its own. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, it is important to see a doctor as soon as you can. 


How To Tell If You Have Bruxism 

It may not be so easy to tell if you have the teeth-grinding disorder. However, it is important that you seek medical advice for bruxism if you have it. How can one tell if they have bruxism? If you live with some other people, or sleep in the same bed with a partner, chances are they will be the ones to be able to notice if you are grinding your teeth at night. The sound may get quite loud, loud enough for someone else to notice, and even loud enough to wake someone.  

What if you live alone? You will have to rely on certain symptoms that you may be able to feel if you had been grinding your teeth the previous night. Here are some of the most common symptoms you might want to look out for if you are trying to tell if you have bruxism or not. 


You Are Tired 

If you experience being more tired upon waking up than you were when you went to sleep the night before, there is a chance that you have bruxism. One possible reason for this feeling of extreme fatigue is because you may have disrupted sleep because of the teeth grinding. A person who has bruxism may also have trouble getting back to sleep again after an episode of teeth grinding, so they may not be getting the recommended amount of sleep a person should be getting each night. 

Your Jaws Hurt 

If you wake up with a sore feeling in your jaws, there is a chance that you have bruxism. Grinding teeth may put pressure on your jaws and teeth and can make them ache from the pressure. People who have bruxism may notice that their jaws are sore after they wake up in the morning and may also notice that their teeth and gums are also sore. 

You Experience Headaches And/Or Toothaches 

It is not normal to experience painful headaches upon waking up. Bruxism causes people to grind their teeth, and along with that, they can have headaches and toothaches because of the pressure that is put on their teeth as they grind them. The headaches people feel as a result of bruxism may extend until the ears and behind them. 


Treatment Methods 

There are various treatment methods that your dentist or doctor can recommend you to try to get rid of your bruxism. The main one is to avoid stress. 


Bruxism Mouth Guards 

There are special mouth guards that are sold in pharmacies that can help you with your teeth grinding. The purpose of these mouth guards is to act as a barrier between your upper set and lower set of teeth. If you want a custom-made mouth guard, you can go to your dentist to have one fitted to your mouth, to ensure that the exact fit is made. 

Do Not Chew On Things Other Than Food 

why do people grind their teeth

Another possible thing you can do to get rid of your teeth grinding on your own is to avoid chewing on things. Some people have the habit of chewing on the tips of pencils or pens. This habit should be stopped because it makes your jaw used to clenching and the action of grinding teeth. People who have this habit and bruxism should train themselves to stop biting and clenching their jaws when it isn’t time for a meal. 

Avoid Alcohol Before Bedtime 

Alcohol before bedtime is another cause of teeth grinding. If you drink alcohol, make sure that you do so more than at least an hour before you turn in for the night. This will make it less likely for you to grind your teeth when you sleep.


Visit Your Doctor 

If all else fails, it is a good idea to seek medical advice for your teeth grinding. This is especially true if you are unable to tell if you are really grinding your teeth or not. Your doctor, or even your dentist will be able to do a visual examination of your teeth and will be able to tell if you have been grinding your teeth or not. After getting a proper diagnosis and medical advice, your doctor will be able to recommend proper treatment methods or medication to help you stop grinding your teeth at night. You may visit this page to ask for more advice www.healthon21.com.au/doctors-in-palm-beach-qld.