What To Eat After Teeth Whitening (10 Foods And Beverages)

What To Eat After Teeth Whitening (10 Foods And Beverages)

November 4, 2020 0 By admin

A perfect smile creates a thousand reasons and meanings that people try to interpret. Even without gestures, communication by smiling can set a happy and energetic mood. But, does it matter if your teeth are yellow? Tooth discoloration has modern dentistry treatments to whiten and smoothen the teeth’s surface. These caring dentists at this Sans Souci clinic mention that in-office teeth whitening procedures are safer than DIY whitening. Do you know what to eat after teeth whitening? Proper maintenance of your teeth and gums can prevent gum diseases. So, if your local dental clinic offers solutions for your damaged dentin and enamel, don’t hesitate to visit a dental clinic soon.


Expect These Procedures In Teeth Whitening

Contrary to what regular patients may believe, not everyone can qualify for teeth whitening. Dental clinics can still save a yellow-colored tooth. You may have to visit your local dental clinic for further assessment if you are eligible. But, people with brown or gray teeth may need additional dental treatments from another specialist. Cavities, plaque, and calculus may start gingivitis that will further damage your dental health. 


Consultation And Determining If You Qualify

The process starts with your dentist checking your teeth with a series of consultation. Your teeth may need a shade guide to determine if your teeth can be bleached with in-office whitening products. Your dentist team may allow you to have same-day teeth whitening treatments depending on your oral health. 


The Actual Process

What To Eat After Teeth Whitening

After your dental specialist provides details on what to expect, he or she will insert a lip retractor on your mouth to open it fully. A resin gel will be placed on your gums and hardened by a high LED light to protect your gums. The gingival barrier protects your gums from sensitivity and other accidents during the tooth whitening treatment. Afterward, the dentist will apply 15% to 35% hydrogen peroxide on your tooth’s surface. Modern dentistry techniques use LED to speed up the process of the whitening system. 


Final Steps

The hydrogen peroxide gel’s reapplication may take up to 40 minutes from applying the last whitening gel to the final touches. Once your dentist sees an improvement in the shade of your teeth, rinse your mouth thoroughly. A local dental clinic may offer at-home solutions to continue the bleaching. However, non-professional use of teeth whitening products isn’t advised. It is less useful to use whitening trays that are cheaper than professional teeth whitening.


What To Eat After Teeth Whitening

Commonly, your dentist may recommend how to prepare before your teeth whitening procedure. However, many patients tend to forget that the effectiveness of whiter teeth continues with maintenance. Products like Zoom Whitening, LED DIY trays, and home kits for teeth whitening have lower hydrogen and carbamide peroxide that bleach teeth’ color. Soft foods diet is recommended on what to eat after teeth whitening. 

Be careful; some foods and beverages that are soft or juices and drinks contain sugar. Check out this helpful variety of foods and drinks that you can eat while recovering after teeth whitening. You may also ask for further tips from your general dentist. 


Foods and Beverages




Seeds And Nuts








What Should You Avoid Eating After Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Vegetables that stain teeth (beetroot, tomatoes, 

Vinegar-acid based sauces 

Coffee and Tea

Red Wine, Beer, And Moderate To High Alcoholic Beverages

Sweet Juices 

Energy Drinks


Is Teeth Whitening A One-Time Procedure?

Common misconceptions on teeth whitening come from how long does a tooth with previous whitening treatment stay. According to dental experts, teeth whitening may last from several months until three years. Yet, the results may depend on whether the patient is responsible for preventing staining teeth from the foods they eat. In this case, you may have to ask your dental clinic what diet to take days after your in-office treatment.


How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

In the US, teeth whitening treatment costs $400 to $600 for necessary teeth whitening. However, the price can go lower or higher, depending on the high – quality ingredients and tools used during the whitening treatment system. Health insurance coverage doesn’t cover cosmetic dental procedures and treatment. 


Other Tips To Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Apart from what to eat after teeth whitening, there are other ways to prevent tooth discoloration. Don’t brush your teeth and gums forcefully to prevent bacteria from seeping in damaged gum tissues. Moreover, using your teeth to open bottles and tear may lead to tooth sensitivity.

Patients may feel using home remedies to save on the cost of going to a cosmetic dentistry specialist. Frequently, DIY home treatments such as teeth whitening strips, charcoal toothpaste, and other dental products claim to offer faster and cheaper whiter teeth. But, using hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and similar treatments at home can cause too much damage to your enamel and dentin. 


Making Teeth Whitening Treatments Last Longer

Since cosmetic or restorative dentistry is gaining popularity for its benefits, there are many ways to whiten teeth quickly. With a whitening treatment from a dental office, you may find your teeth’s appearance better. Book your appointment at your trusted clinic.


Brush And Floss Your Teeth After Eating

Since dentin and enamel wear away from the food and drinks people eat, it is beneficial to regularly brush and floss. Your teeth’ surface may stain from the buildup of plaque and cavities that expose your dentin and chip away enamel. Science proves that dentin gives off the yellow color on bones.


Change Your Drinking And Smoking Habits

Drinking and smoking can further make your teeth and gums prone to bacteria. Significantly, gum disease such as periodontitis can recede your gum tissue and expose the tooth’s root. If you lessen drinking and smoking or stop these unhealthy habits forever, you may prevent further health complications. According to studies, ingredients of smoke (tartar and nicotine) and alcohol in the blood can lead to hypertension and plaque in the bloodstream. 


Eat What Is Healthy For Your Body

Avoid What To Eat After Teeth Whitening

Choosing to eat healthily is a great way to make your body resistant to diseases. Strong bones in your jaw will prevent tooth loss. Furthermore, an overall healthier body can avoid illnesses that don’t include oral healthcare only. Even if you choose lighter colored meals like white wine, carbonara pasta, or other milk and cream-based sauces, the cavity may still grow. So, eat what is based on the right diet plan that your doctor may prescribe for you. 


Check Which Medications Can Discolor Teeth

Doctors also warn about the side – effects of medicines and drugs for seniors and older adults. Tetracycline and doxycycline are antibiotics given for children too. If you are prescribed to use these antibiotics, observe proper dental hygiene to avoid the staining side effects.