Types of medical instruments

Types of medical instruments

April 24, 2019 0 By admin

If you happen to be a medical professional or a medical student, you’re definitely familiar with this terminology. Medical instruments include various tools and equipment used by professionals in the medicine field to carry out various operations. Every single visit to a medicine practitioner like a doctor introduces a patient to a wide array of medical instruments in the facility. If you’re looking for medical instruments you can buy affordable medical instruments in Australia. But if you’ve been wondering what all those instruments are used for then this article is for you.

They’re normally grouped into categories depending on the use. They include:

  • Diagnostic equipment

These are tools used to diagnose a patient’s reflexes or blood pressure. Below are examples of diagnostic equipment and their uses:

(i) Stethoscope– This is a common tool among doctors and nurses. It’s very useful in listening to body sounds such heartbeats, intestine and lung sounds to know if it’s normal or not for proper medication.

(ii) The Taylor percussion hammer– It’s also called a reflex hammer. Just as its name sound, it’s used for testing reflexes in body joints and also testing availability of bone fractures.

  • Orthopedic instruments

These instruments are normally used by orthopedic doctors/surgeons who specialize in musculoskeletal system. Tools used include:

(i) Ostetome– This is a device used mostly in orthopedic surgery and plastic surgery to detect, mark and cut bones.

(ii) Bone curette– It’s used for removing excess tumors and other fibrous tissues from a bone or scrapping off small bone portions.

  • Ophthalmologist instruments

When matters of an eye health are concerned, ophthalmologists have to use some special instruments to view eye retina. Below are examples of tools used for this purpose:

(i) Ophthalmoscope– This instrument is used to view and examine the general eye health and retina as well for proper treatment.

(ii) Imaging instruments- These are very important tools as well used by ophthalmologists to evaluate eye retina and optical nerves. They can detect changes and damages in the glaucomatous.


As the technology advances, these instruments keep advancing to improve medical services. Hopefully, the information provided above will help you understand what medical instruments are.