How to Remove Food Stuck in Gums

How to Remove Food Stuck in Gums

September 5, 2018 0 By admin

In many people, you will find that many individuals will eat some food which suddenly, some of the pieces to get stuck between the gums and teeth. In such a situation, you will be stressed about what you will do so that you can remove that object. Before you rush to remove the food stuck in gums, you must look for the best way possible to remove it without causing any damages to your gums. Gums are so sensitive, with little stitch may bleed. Know more information about it by visiting on this link. It’s not good to worry as there are so many ways on how you can deal with that situation.


You should not try to use sharp pointed tools when you are trying to remove any sharp object out of your gums. This can be dangerous as it can injure your gums. You can use toothpicks but with care because it can hurt your gums and may bleed. In case your gums are bleeding then you can try to rinse your mouth using lukewarm water which has salt so that you can soothe the injured gum tissues. This will remove away the blood so that you can have an obstructed view on your teeth gums.


In case you are at home, you can try to use a toothbrush so that you remove the foodstuff between your gums. You can use a toothpaste to wash your gums after you have removed the food particles.


In case you are eating outside like a hotel and food particles get stuck in your gums, you can try to use your tongue in removing the food particles. Although it will take time, it will be a safer method compared to using a sharp pin.



In many cases, you have to look for waxed dental floss. A waxed coating which is on strand can assist in sliding in and around the object that’s between your teeth gums. Try push gently the floss into in between your gums without forcing it so that you will not injure your teeth.


In case the waxed dental floss fails to remove the object from your gums you can try to use the oral irrigator/ water flosser so that you can loosen the object or remove any debris that may be blocking the object from having direct access to the object.


If you follow the above guides, you will be able to select the best way possible to remove food stuck in gums so that you can be comfortable again as you eat your food.