Options For Emergency Stress Fracture Tooth

Options For Emergency Stress Fracture Tooth

August 30, 2018 0 By admin

Teeth can chip, crack, break or fracture even if they are strong. Several reasons result in stress fracture tooth. The presence of unobserved decomposition or teeth excessively strained with large fillings can lead to teeth break as well. If you have chipped teeth with roughened edges, you need to contact the dentist.

Our mouth and teeth area are important to prevent different types of pain such as Temporomandibular joint

When to seek a dentist’s help

stress fractured toothIf your tooth is chipped, fractured and broken; you need to see a dentist within hours. You can find out several dentists who give emergency appointments. If the damage is because of an injury of some sort such as a car accident, you should visit the emergency dentist right away.

When your tooth is broken, measures need to be taken instantly to get proper care for your dental health. If you have damaged teeth due to chipping, stress fracture tooth or breaking or something has happened to your filling; you need to take measures until you see a Seymour dentist in Broadford Dental. If you fail to take the necessary steps, your oral health will suffer other dental issues and contamination may develop. It may even result in a tooth loss.

Things to do to avoid a tooth loss

  • If you see a chipped or broken tooth after you have caused damage to it, you need to bring that with you when you visit the dentist.
  • The broken teeth may have roughened edges. These sharp edges can annoy the neighboring soft tissue of the mouth. You need to use a small piece of soft wax or provisional dental filler in the damaged region to prevent the irritation.
  • Until you see a dentist, you need to eat soft foods.

You can restore chipped or broken teeth with the help of a dental emergency. To repair the chipped or broken teeth problem, the dentists use a variety of cosmetic dentistry such as dental crowns, bonding, and dental veneers.

Dental crown for broken tooth repair

If the upper part of your tooth chips off, but its root stays integral, the restoration of the chipped off tooth can be worked out using a root implanted stump and the dental crown positioned atop of it. Dental bonding or filling for chipped teeth

A natural color composite substance is utilized in place of porcelain sometimes to correct it. If the breaking has affected only the teeth enamel, your dental problem can be restored with dental filling by the dentist. If you have chipped teeth in the front of your mouth, the dentist will use a composite filling.

Dental veneers

Your chipped teeth can be made to look intact again with the help of a veneer. The porcelain veneer conceals the entire front of the teeth with a denser part substituting the chipped portion.

Root canal dental treatment

The teeth break that damage the dental tissues are the most severe and requires special attention of a dentist. To make and place a dental crown, the dentist will require doing root canal treatment to take out the injured nerve and blood vessels.

You will find no way to get your chipped teeth treated at home. You need to see an emergency dentist whenever your teeth are susceptible to changes in temperature. If you do not see a dentist, it will hurt you when you are eating.