Why Is It Important to Read the Operation and Maintenance Manual Before Usage?

Why Is It Important to Read the Operation and Maintenance Manual Before Usage?

January 21, 2020 0 By admin

Admit it – you are so much used to buying various gadgets and devices that you immediately use it without even taking a look at its operation and maintenance manual; not even for a second. Don’t feel so guilty, you’re not alone on this one. Countless individuals buy products and even machines and have a habit of using it right away. But did you know that reading the manual is much more convenient today? In fact, you can even download online. This makes it easier for us to check it out first before using the product we bought.

It is very essential to read the operational and maintenance manual that’s provided by manufacturers in order for us to properly understand how to best use the product’s features. The manual contains specific details about the item that may not readily available anywhere else. Overlooking the specific instructions may lead to unwanted results which may not be covered by the warranty should you decide to have it fixed or if you want to return it and have it replaced.

An operation and maintenance manual informs consumers about product specifications and may also include assembly instructions. Without this important information, consumers may not comprehend how to properly assemble or operate a product and this increases the risk of product damage. As mentioned, not all problems are covered by warranty.


Product setup and installation

Product instructions include important details about setup and installation. This is a very important part in using the product as missing one important step may miss the opportunity to use to fully utilize the product.

It is very important for consumers to read the guidelines in full to guarantee that the product operates as intended. Especially if the product is a medical or dental equipment such as a compressor or an x-ray machine, reading the manual before usage is strongly advised.

As we all know, the patient’s health or even his or her life is at stake when we’re using dental or medical devices. A malfunctioning x-ray machine due to not properly reading the manual may give false diagnosis. A compressor wrongly used can trigger unwanted outcomes in a dental treatment.

Fortunately, consumers can usually find troubleshooting questions and answers in the product instructions if any problem is encountered. Manufacturers expect the consumers to carefully and strictly follow the instructions provided. Once the product is damaged and the manufacturer discovered that the consumer did not follow the instructions, the product warranty may be voided. The consumer may need to spend more money to buy a new product.


Safety is another vital factor to consider

Product guidelines contain important safety information that helps purchasers avoid personal injury and property damage. In the medical field, safety does not only revolve around the consumer, it also involves the patient.


Product manufacturers recommend reading product manuals even before making a purchase. Many manufacturers post guides online that can be downloaded for free. Consumers can get an idea of how to properly use the product, as well as any special requirements needed for operation. Getting a preview of an instruction guide helps consumers avoid potential pitfalls and disappointment.