Naturally straight teeth-most people lack them

Naturally straight teeth-most people lack them

October 5, 2018 0 By admin

Crooked or misaligned teeth are often factors of dental problems and low self-esteem. Most people do not have naturally straight teeth due to bad habits or accidents during childhood. Misaligned teeth stress your jaw and gums and eventually lead to a wide variety of problems. If you are interested in knowing how orthodontics can help people with misaligned teeth you can visit the websites of specialized dental clinics who offer clear braces in Sydney, a region where someone can find the latest trends in orthodontic treatments.


Straight Teeth Last Longer:crooked teeth

Chewing and biting put some pressure on your gums and jaw but when you have well-aligned teeth this pressure is well distributed and doesn’t cause any trouble. But with misaligned teeth, pressure will lead to premature wearing down of teeth that could also lead to other problems such as chipping, abnormal flattening of the biting surface, fractures and others.

Straight Teeth Eliminate Periodontal Disease:

Straight teeth are easier to clean, unlike misaligned or crooked teeth. As spaces between crooked teeth are more difficult to clean with a toothbrush or a floss, the presence of piling bacteria increases the presence of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes tenderness and redness and also leads to bleeding as you brush or floss. This is why aligning your teeth using braces is highly advised.

Straight Teeth Safeguard Your Overall Health:

The key to maintaining good oral hygiene is by removing bacteria; straight teeth are easier to clean. Also they cause less jaw problems, less headaches, less gum sensitivity so you get a better quality of life overall. You can eat properly all kinds of food, soft, cold, hot etc, avoid self-esteem worries about your looks and breath and socialize better.

Straight Teeth Reduce the Risk of Jaw Problems:

A bad bite will stress your jaw. The hinged joints that connect your jaw and your skull, close to the ears are called Temporomandibular joints. Jaw problems can lead to earaches and headaches. Treating tooth misalignment using orthodontic treatments can provide relief from pain and a better quality of life.

If you have concerns over misaligned teeth, worry not! With modern braces, you can get them straight!

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