How to get your sense of smell back

How to get your sense of smell back

February 22, 2019 0 By admin

Loss of the sense of smell is usually common for people between the age of 60 years and above. But that does not mean that it can’t affect other people below this age. It is also very common among young babies and any other person. On the upper part of the nose, you will find the nerve system responsible for the sense of smell. If by any chance the nerve is an injury the smell sense will either decrease or even get lost completely. 

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Other people affected are the tobacco smoker and users of illegal drugs. When exposed to cold and allergies also your sense of smell can get lost. Severe infections in the upper part of the abdomen could also be a cause. 

When you experience this problem, you will easily be able to identify it. The most obvious sign is the lack of flavor in foods and beverages. Scientists have proved that smell is a part of the body responsible for testing food. When you lack it your flavor on some foods and drinks will disappear. 

how to get your sense of smell back

Now the good part of it is on how to get your sense of smell back. The most common solution is for this solution is to visit a doctor. You will be examined, and medications will be written for you. If your sense of smell had been lost due to illnesses like colds or allergies, then your sense to smell will be regained after they have been treated. The doctors can give you anti-allergy medication upon being cured you will regain your sense of smell. 

Personal treatment tricks are also available. The trick involves cleaning your nose with the help of a salt water solution. The sachets and devices to use for making the salt water solution are available on some pharmacies when you need them. For other people, the sense will come back by itself. This occurs due to a failure of the body to develop new cells responsible for the renewal of the nerve system. When the body gains this ability to regenerate these cells, then your sense of smell is got back. 

The most important thing is to try as much as possible to protect yourself from loss of this precious sense of smell. Always ensure you protect yourself from injuries which might impact on your nose.