How to fix a Deviated Septum

How to fix a Deviated Septum

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A Septum is a bone and cartilage structure that discrete left and right nasal. Deviated Septum occurs when nasal septum (a thin wall) between the nasal passages is displaced. When this condition occurs, one nasal passage becomes smaller as compared to the other.

When this condition becomes severe, there can arise difficulty in breathing by the reduction in the airflow. Which is why having a deviated septum affects the quality of life. It may also sometimes even lead to crusting and bleeding in some individuals. 

Symptoms of a Deviated Septum:  

  • Nasal Cycle

When the nasal cycle becomes unusual, it might be an indication of nasal obstruction. 

  • Noisy Breathing

It is mainly due to swelling of intranasal tissues and is commonly observed in infants and toddlers.  

  • Nose Bleeding

When the nasal septum becomes dry, it results in the nose bleed.  Deviated Septum, most probably occurs either   

Trauma during fetal development and becomes apparent during the childbirth,  

It might be the result of an accident that leads septum to move out of the position. 

How to fix a Deviated Septum?

how to fix a deviated septum

Fixing a deviated septum involves either medical therapies or surgical therapies. A plastic surgeon in Bondi Junction, NSW have discussed each of them below: Medications: Treatment for nasal obstruction includes medicines to reduce the swelling or dilators to open up the passages.   

  • Decongestants

It can be taken either in the form of a pill or a spray. It reduces the swelling and keeps both the airways open. Its effect is stimulant and may sometimes, elevate the blood pressure and heart rate.  

  • Steroid Sprays

It reduces inflammation in the passage and deals with obstruction. The sprays exhibit maximal effect within a week or two.   

  • Antihistamines

This medication prevents obstruction and runny nose. It also proved to be efficient in dealing with non-allergic conditions, as well. Above medicines help improve the overall nasal breathing.  Surgery: In certain cases, reshaping a nose requires surgery to be performed to the deviated septum. It’s the best alternative over the medication.   

Rhinoplasty is a method that modifies the bone and cartilage to alter its shape and size.   

In Septoplasty, the nasal septum is straightened within the center of the nose. It requires removal of the septum and reinserting it in a proper position.

In certain individuals, surgery becomes essential for nasal obstruction. A legitimate surgeon in AU Rhinoplasty Sydney fully diagnoses the condition of the patient before suggesting the suitable treatment. They treat to ensure the best possible results with zero side-effects.