A doctor of dental surgery can fix your mouth gaps

A doctor of dental surgery can fix your mouth gaps

October 18, 2018 0 By admin

In our lives, we get 2 sets of teeth. First one is the baby teeth which fall off periodically till the age of 12 to be replaced by our permanent teeth. But what would happen if a permanent tooth falls off or removed due to any reason? We can all imagine the loss that would be depicted from our unsmiling expressions. No worries! In today’s world, Dental implants are available to fill the gap, and bring our smiles back! Learn about the latest trends about dental implants at Digital Dental Surgery Sydney’s website.

Let us crunch up some info to know about these implants.
A dental implant is a manufactured screw shaped item made from a titanium material. It functions as a tooth root as it provides the base for the mounting tooth. It is placed by the dental surgeon in the gum area upon which an artificial tooth cap can be easily mounted.

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So the 3 parts of the implant are:

• A Surgical Post – To fix in the gum
• Abutment – An intermediary joint for the post and the crown
• Crown – The artificial tooth mounted on the abutment

It is fairly simple considering you have no gums or jaw bone related issues.

What benefits do these implants provide and what could be the cons?

• The implants act like a real tooth.
• You can talk and eat in a normal way.
• Low maintenance. Take care as you do with your regular teeth and they will last.
• Implants are self-supportive and do not require neighboring teeth for support like dentures.

• Dental implants are really expensive. In most cases even the dental insurance doesn’t provide cost coverage.
• While the procedure is through a simple surgery, complications like infection can occur.
• It is not a quick fix. Once inserted it can take up to 6 months to fuse with the jawbone. Multiple visits to the dentist are expected.
• You will need a doctor of dental surgery and a good lab

Many people who get their implants done are happy as the gap in their life is filled!