Dental Braces for Jaw Misalignment

Dental Braces for Jaw Misalignment

July 27, 2019 0 By admin

Jaw misalignment (Maloclussion) is a common jaw problem to many people. Such issues concerning the jaw are caused by an inborn misalignment commonly referred to as a ”faulty jaw” or from a severe trauma of the jaw caused by external factors. This problem arises many issues affecting the everyday lifestyle of people. Thankfully, a jaw misalignment can be corrected after wearing adult braces. But before digging deeper into that, here are some issues associated with jaw misalignment.

Issues concerning Jaw misalignment

  1. Breathing and sleeping issues
  2. Difficulty in Eating
  3. Uneven facial feature
  4. Speech problems – can cause difficulty in pronouncing words that include lisp for many people.
  5. Other dental concerns such as teeth misalignment and early loss of teeth from the overbite.

How braces can help in aligning the jaw?

Dental braces are common dental solution that can fix variety of problems concerning the mouth. Braces are the connecting wires attached to the teeth that apply constant pressure inside the mouth for a period time making them move and conform to where the teeth should be placed. For jaw misalignment, having braces is the primary step to fix the bite of a patient wherein the jaw conforms as the teeth aligned.

jaw misalignment

How fast do braces work?

The treatment for misaligned jaw may vary depending on the severity of the misalignment and can take over 1 to 3 years. The orthodontist adjusts the dental braces at least once a month to maintain the pressure applied for the teeth to continuously move. Adults may take a while than children (up to adolescent age) as the tissues of children who are under 18 are still developing making it easier for the jaw to conform.

It is very important to consider the dental health to avoid underlying problems that may occur in the long run. Always remember that a perfect smile is for everyone. With today’s technology, there are many option and procedures to seek to make your attractive smile come to life. Lyndarum Dentists’ clinic in Epping VIC offers orthodontic services for kids and adults. Check out their site by clicking on the link.