Dealing With Tooth Pain Stress

Dealing With Tooth Pain Stress

August 30, 2018 0 By admin

I don’t have tooth decay but why am I suffering from tooth pain? You go to the dentist twice a year for regular cleaning and oral evaluation. Your teeth are perfectly fine and with no sign of tooth decay. But you wake up one day with teeth on the upper left hurting. What causes it?f STRESS! Stres

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You’ll be surprised at the reason why your tooth is aching. And that could be because os? Yes, you heard it right – Tooth Pain Stress.

Gtoot streesrinding of teeth. When a person is stressed, he or she tends to unconsciously grind or clenches his or her teeth. Even while sleeping, a stressed individual grinds his or her teeth. Grinding the teeth stresses out the jaw around the teeth causing pain in the long run. This is called bruxism. A person with bruxism must see a Dental 266 dentist in Burwood immediately as it will cause major oral health problem if left unattended.

Hypersensitivity. A person with anxiety tends to be oversensitive with things around him or her. The person may think that his or her teeth are aching when it’s really not. Psychologically, he or she considers a toothache as among the negative things happening to him or her. Thus, being overly sensitive to the feelings.

Sinus / Ear / Throat / Thyroid Infection. When a person has sinus/ ear/ throat/thyroid infection, the pain in the affected area feels like affecting the teeth area. Thus, a person feels like his or her teeth are aching as well. The pain caused by the infection, along with a shooting headache translates to a toothache near the area of the infection. A person with any of the infections is advised to see an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat), Specialist.

There you go, even if you have a clear check of oral health, you can still suffer from teeth pain if you are STRESSED out. So how do I avoid this type of pain?

Here are some tips to avoid from stressing out:

Manage your time – the main cause of stress is poor management of time. If a person fails to do the task on time, he or she naturally tends to hurry up and works double time, causing stress.

Share your thoughts – when a problem is shared with someone, it tends to lighten the burden and keeps you away from stressing yourself further. Also, you may get a sound advice from the person you’ve shared your problem with.

Have some rest – don’t get yourself too tired that you feel the weight of the world on your shoulder. Have some rest, tomorrow is another great day.

Relax – don’t overthink, don’t overwork. If you feel that you are getting overwhelmed with your task at hand, do some relaxation techniques that work for you. You can do deep breathing exercise , you can sing a song that you enjoy singing, you can step out and have some fresh air, you can watch a TV, you can eat. Any activity that is relaxing to you will keep you from being overwhelmed.

You don’t want tooth pains, right? Then say goodbye to stress..