Dental care: How much is the cost of root canal treatment?

Dental care: How much is the cost of root canal treatment?

November 13, 2019 0 By admin

Patients worry about the cost of root canal treatment. It can be very expensive, but at the same time, it is a needed procedure to be able to save the affected tooth. If you are worried about having a root canal, ease your anxiety about the procedure by reading http:/…/

What is a root canal procedure?

Root canal treatments are performed on teeth that have very severe decay or infections in their tooth pulp. The procedure would entail the removal of the infected root pulp and nerves. The tooth will have to be resealed with a crown

What causes the need for root canal treatment?

Many complications in teeth would warrant the need for a root canal procedure to be performed.

Disease. Tooth diseases that originate from tooth decay would end up having infected tooth pulp. A root canal treatment can relieve the pain as well as clear away the disease in the tooth without having to extract it.

Cracks in teeth. Some teeth may have cracks and chips due to wear and tear, these kinds of damage to the tooth may result in tooth decay. 

Infection and decay. Infection in the tooth pulp and tooth decay in a tooth would cause a lot of pain for the person, and a root canal treatment can treat this pain and make the tooth free from infection, restoring overall oral health.

How much is the cost of root canal treatment?

Prices for this type of treatment would depend on your place and what kind of materials will be used. However, the average root canal cost can fall anywhere from $300 to $900 depending on the tooth that will have the procedure. It may sound pricey since those figures are for each tooth that will need the root canal treatment. The good news is that most insurance providers will cover from 50% to up to 90% of the costs. It is a good idea to verify this with your insurance provider to be certain of how much coverage you have with them.


The best way to avoid the cost of root canal treatment will be to practice good oral hygiene habits. These habits will keep cavities, plaque, and other unwanted issues from forming on teeth. The key is to prevent any infection from forming on the tooth, to make sure it would stay healthy even on the inside. If you notice any cavities forming, it would be a good idea to visit your dentist so that they can treat the cavities before they turn into something more serious.

Also having the right oral care habits is important. Keeping your whole mouth clean would keep bacteria away and prevent any root canal treatments from being needed. Visit your dentist regularly for preventive dental check-ups to make sure that your mouth stays healthy. At the same time, your dentist will be able to diagnose and treat any oral issues that they identify during the preventive check-up. You don’t need to undergo root canal treatment if you can maintain good oral health.