Cause Of Mountain Dew Mouth

Cause Of Mountain Dew Mouth

October 9, 2018 0 By admin

In many underdeveloped regions of the world, research has it that these regions lack proper dental care and dental health education does not exist at all. Many residents in these regions practice poor dental hygiene leading to high levels of tooth loss and decay. Dentists who work in these regions have revealed that the high rates of tooth decay are a result of unchecked intake of beverages and other sugary foods. They also drink a lot of sweet sodas which has led to a condition known as Mountain Dew Mouth. One easy way to avoid Mountain Dew mouth is simply to reduce or stop drinking Mountain Dew and other soft drinks. But if you just can’t kick the habit, you can visit Dentists Boxhill to learn more ways to reduce the risk.

Mountain Dew Mouth

The name Mountain Dew Mouth originated from the carbonated soda Mountain Dew which is a beverage drunk by many people in the world. The levels of caffeine and phosphoric acid in Mountain Dew are quite high compared to many other sodas. Manufactures of Mountain Dew add higher amounts of sugar or fructose corn syrup to mask the bitterness of the caffeine. This has influenced many children and adolescents to routinely purchase large bottles of Mountain Dew and take frequent sips. This is equivalent to bathing teeth in sugar for eight hours a day, as argued by dental health professionals.

Tooth decay is accelerated by the cumulative effect of continuous consumption of soda. In research that has ever been done before, dentists examined the teeth of some adolescents who took a steady mountain dew diet and observed some level of tooth decay. A common practice that has also gone viral is feeding young babies using baby bottles filled with mountain dew leading them to be diagnosed with this disorder.

By the experts, this appeal is contributed significantly by the sugary nature of Mountain Dew, and that is why we always see the continuous increasing incidents of this disorder. The higher amounts of caffeine in the beverages also give an alternative to anti-depressants or caffeine pills. There are so many other soft drink brands that are said to contribute to tooth decay. Most patients all over the world visiting dentists are reported to have this disorder.