Understanding the link between stress and weight loss

Understanding the link between stress and weight loss

January 16, 2019 0 By admin

It’s believed that stress and weight loss are highly connected. In most of the research that has been conducted, the result turns out that whenever someone is stressed, they either loss or gain weight. The reality is that no one ever wishes to lose weight except in cases where the person is obese and cannot put up with the excess weight. The challenge here is how one can be able to gain weight when they are stressed. 

If you want to lose weight, there are different ways you can try. There are methods such as invasive and non invasive procedures, tummy tuck or through diet and exercise that you do. It depends on what method you want to choose.

Scientists have studied that the effect of stress point out that whenever people are under stress, they tend to eat so that they can forget their problems. If they were used to a given diet, then they will always increase the intake. This normally helps them to control their emotion and keep then calm. This increase in appetite can explain why stressed people can always increase in weight. This is because they normally go to sleep when they have eaten so that they can stop thinking a lot. 

Other research also indicates that stress and weight loss may have some natural causes. Perhaps it may be a way for our body to maintain the check and balances. Cortisol hormone is produced in the body every time someone is under stress. When the level of this hormone in the bloodstream increases, the blood sugar level, and appetite will be increased, this means that the body will have to react to ensure it’s kept in balance. The result is that you will be craving more food to comfort you. So whenever we eat to relieve our stress, more fat will get deposited in our body. And since we are stressed, this means we will not engage our body in vigorous exercise to help burn the deposited fat. This will result in an increase in weight. 

Stress And Weight Loss

So if you were eager to find out the link between stress and weight loss, then you need to know that they are inversely related. You will gain more weight if you are more stressed. So it’s advisable that you stay to get rid of anything that can result in stress because more stress can cause excess weight which can end up developing into a very complicated health problem.