Do You Know The Types Of Stress That Can Affect You

If you think stress is still the same and you have the one technique to eradicate it, you will be surprised. Stress comes in many forms and can usually be recognized as short-term, periodic or repetitive as well as long-term problems. By understanding what they are and how they affect you, you can use the right stress reduction method to eliminate the root cause. It’s also helpful to ask experts about stress factors that cause problems. Visit our site and ask our doctors in helping you solve your stress problems.

Short-term stress is also referred to as acute stress. This is a natural transient reaction of your body to your environment and can be either a good or a bad situation. An example might be that you are on your way to a very close friend that you have not seen in a long time. The feeling of expectation is caused by physical and emotional changes in you. Another example is when you are in traffic and running late for a date. However, the stress is removed if you finally meet your friend or your date came too late and arrived just one minute earlier. This type of stress usually does no harm in the long run.

However, when short-term stress is regularly repeated, it’s called acute episodic stress. Can you imagine that you are always punctual or disorganized and could not finish your work on time? The constant worries and frustrations over time can affect your quality of life. These regular tensions can cause burns, headaches, high blood pressure and shortness of breath.

Types Of StressChronic stress is a much more harmful and long-term illness. This is usually caused by poor family relationships, financial worries, poor work environment or post-traumatic behavior. Most of these are easy to ignore at first, but soon become a field of stress and pressure on your physical and emotional wellbeing. This can lead to more serious illnesses such as depression, outbreaks of anger, eating disorders and even suicide.

There are many solutions to deal with the different types of stress. The only result of all these solutions, however, is to put you in a position where you can address and resolve the cause of the stress. Acute stress is a short-term reaction to your daily situations and is not required in a harmful way. However, if this happens regularly and leads to an acute episodic condition, you may experience symptoms that affect your productivity.

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