Causes Of Anxiety Weight Gain

Causes Of Anxiety Weight Gain

October 31, 2018 0 By admin

There are symptoms of menopause that include depression, anxiety, and some women suffer from panic attacks. Each woman will react differently to her symptoms, including nutrition. There are several causes of anxiety weight gain. Some procedures will help relieve these symptoms and changes in lifestyle that will also help. In most instances, stress and weight gain are being linked as something that goes together in such circumstances.

Emotional overload

Fear is a big culprit of emotional food. Relationships are a struggle, dissatisfaction with work, an unexpected blow, for example, death in a family. Any or all of these things can make us look for something “comfort.” When a child is in danger, he often cries and looks for a baby’s bottle or chest to relieve everything that is happening. We do the same, but with cheeseburgers and muffins.

It’s not enough to sleep.

Everything that fills our minds with enthusiasm, inability to fall asleep quite frequently. We get up the next morning and do everything possible to get through the day, but we are angry, and our willpower is disappearing. Another hormone, leptin, helps control our appetite. Less sleep can interrupt the proper functioning of this hormone and often causes a craving for carbohydrates.

Without exercises

It has been said previously that an attempt to compress in an exercise can be a stressor. Training in itself is a great way to relieve anxiety and increases the level of serotonin, a natural calming hormone. A good job will help you sleep better, which allows you overeat, etc., burn those calories!

Consuming more calories than you can result in weight gain. Proper nutrition and physical exercise are essential for mental and physical health. Not doing so would be very harmful. Anxiety weight gain can occur as a result of the increased appetite that can occur during menopause.


How many times have you or someone you know drunk, or two to calm down when you are worried about the life situation that is causing the chaos? This is a short-term correction that will interfere with appetite and even cause hunger. Then everything that will stress you will continue to exist, and alcohol will often cause interruptions in your sleep, another problem of anxiety weight gain.

anxietyGroup pressure

As adults, the thought of peer pressure that causes fear and the disintegration of your willpower may seem a bit stupid. It is not like this! It can be difficult after a happy hour or a weekend barbecue with friends. We still want to adjust.


Depending on the medications you take and your metabolism, they can cause weight gain. Some medicines can also affect eating habits, so talk to your doctor about it.