Can Stress Cause Tooth Pain

Can Stress Cause Tooth Pain

August 26, 2018 0 By admin

Do you know stress has a number of side effects and diseases associated with it? People consider stress as mental health disorder and dismiss it lightly. They don’t realize that stress could be a culprit for unexpected physical body problems including mouth, teeth and gums.

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Yes, stress can cause tooth pain! Stress and oral health have profound links than was previously imagined. Stress doesn’t directly affect the teeth but what it does is it causes other problems which end up affecting tooth health. Prima facie, teeth problem may not seem related to stress and in most of the cases, the problem remains unknown until a dentist discovers it.

tooth acheContinuous mental stress can develop certain habits unknowingly such as teeth grinding or clinching and jaw clicking. While you grind your teeth, you can put as much as 250 pond pressure on them. You must understand the problems caused by stress which leads to teeth problems. Here are some examples:

Teeth Grinding: Stress triggers teeth grinding. In medical terms it is called Bruxism. Most of tooth grinding happens after you go to sleep and that is the reason people have no idea that they have been grinding their teeth all the night. Tooth grinding and clenching can happen when you are still awake and you might not even realize you are doing it. Tooth grinding is a problem not to be ignored.

Canker sores: Though it is not established but canker sores are believed to be caused by stress as they often surface during times of high-stress. Canker sores are the small spots inside mouth with a white or greyish base that have red borders.

Acid: Stress has a relationship with acid reflux. During high stress condition, your body tends to produce more stomach acids may cause damage to your teeth and enamel.

Disregarding oral health and bad diets are other stress-related problems which can cause tooth pain. So now as we know that stress can cause tooth pain, you should make sure that you are working towards controlling your stress problem.