Can Stress Cause A Miscarriage

The period between conceiving a baby and giving birth to the child must be one of the most testing times for any female, especially if it’s the first time. A sudden rush of hormonal changes takes over during this time. Feeling nauseated, having frequent urination, and an increased level of gas, all come inclusive with the pregnancy bundle.

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With the emergence of these sudden changes, it’s not uncommon to have an increased amount of stress among pregnant women. Stress is widely known to have some dire consequences related to health in general. This surely raises the concern of stress in pregnant women and whether it may affect how their pregnancy turns out. So, the question is “can stress cause a miscarriage?” Let’s read on to find out;

Stress And Pregnancy

The combination of stress and pregnancies is by no means a rare happening. Finding out the actual effects stress has on pregnancy is what we look to go into. A major talking point concerning the stress-pregnancy conversation has to do with a hormone, the cortisol hormone to be precise. An increased amount of cortisol is released into the body when stress levels rise. The cortisol hormone prepares the body for a fight-or-flight response. Some scientists believe that skyrocketing levels of cortisol could interfere with the development of placentas.

miscarriageSo Can Stress Cause A Miscarriage?

Answering yes or no to this question is tricky. Some studies have been said to make findings that link increased cortisol levels to miscarriages. On the other hand, a number of different studies have also dismissed the claim, making it even more difficult to take a stand. It is quite natural for a mother-to-be to worry a bit about how her pregnancy is going to turn out. This may cause some increase in stress and anxiety levels within almost every expectant mother. Regardless, pregnant women have given birth successfully an infinite amount of times. It is no secret though that chronic stress levels in pregnant women do have some adverse effects on the babies born. Improper brain development and low birth weight of babies are problems that could arise.

In Conclusion

Whether or not stress causes miscarriages cannot be clearly said. But, there definitely are a number of negative effects on babies born to mothers who record extremely high levels of stress during the pregnancy period. It’s not the end of the world though to feel a bit stressed during pregnancy, most of the time it’s related to legitimate concerns about how things are going to turn out. Keeping stress levels in check and aiming not to get overwhelmed is key to guaranteeing you have the best of deliveries and the healthiest of babies when you do eventually give birth to your child.

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