Can Stress Cause False Pregnancy Symptoms

Can Stress Cause False Pregnancy Symptoms

November 15, 2018 0 By admin

For many women, pregnancy is a wonderful idea since it means that they will be able to bring a new life into the world, their own flesh, and blood. And it provides them with a responsibility and a duty to bring up a child, which appeals to their maternal instincts. Going through a pregnancy can cause stress to other women. A question then arises, does stress affect conception? Some women, though, are afraid of being pregnant and undertake measures to avoid becoming pregnant. Because of this, signs of pregnancy can be taken too seriously, and a woman may find herself going through a false pregnancy. Can stress cause false pregnancy symptoms?

False pregnancy, also known as pseudocyesis, is a medical condition where a woman believes that she is pregnant when she is in fact not pregnant. There are several reasons for a woman to think that she is pregnant, especially if they suffer from the trauma of losing a child or not being able to conceive a child.

Can Stress Cause False Pregnancy

Usually, the women who have pseudocyesis have the intense desire to become pregnant or fear to become pregnant because of this, are constantly looking out for signs that they could be pregnant. The body creates signs of being pregnant due to this emotional state and the increased amount of hormones produced because of stress and anxiety. But then, can stress cause false pregnancy symptoms?

Research that has been done reveals that physical and psychological issues can bring about pseudocyesis. Even though the real causes of false pregnancy symptoms is not known, research still reveals that psychological factors can trick someone’s body to start thinking that she is pregnant. Stress normally affects people’s lives in different ways; this includes their thinking ability, emotions, physical health, and general behavior.

Other studies also reveal that stress that results from issues of relationships and a desire for pregnancy for quite a period of time can cause pregnancy symptoms. Those women whose stress is as a result of infertility, desire to get pregnant, a desire to get married, recurrent of miscarriages and impending menopause have chances of experiencing signs of pregnancy.