About the Bad Breath and Dry Mouth

About the Bad Breath and Dry Mouth

August 23, 2018 0 By admin

Bad breath can be a long time after its “use by date” and become very annoying, if not full of distress. It filters in every part of your life, including your professional life and deep in your social and personal life. Listed here 3 remedies against bad breath for home use that you can try right now.

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  1. Brushing and flossing

This is the most common and basic treatment to cure your bad breath. If you are so lazy to brush your teeth when you wake up in the morning, then you deserve to have bad breath. To get the best result, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and after a copious meal.

  1. Avocado

You may not know this, but avocado is one of the least known remedies against bad breath. The ingredient that contains avocado can help cure your bad breath problem. Do not eat too much, just eating enough will serve.

  1. Reduce protein intake

You may not know it, but taking foods such as steak, chicken and vegetables that contain lots of protein can cause bad breath. Although protein is good for your body’s growth, if you are one of those who suffer from bad breath problems, you should really consider taking less this type of food.

There are three main reasons why a dry mouth leads to bad breath.

  1. When the mouth is dry, the bacteria will concentrate more on the remaining saliva. This high concentration of bacteria can lead to a higher level of volatilization (read: evaporation) in the air.
  2. Mouth drying changes the pH baldry mouthance (the ratio of basic to acidity) in the mouth. This change in the environment is more favorable for bacterial growth.
  3. Less saliva leads to less discharge of bacteria from the mouth. With less redness: more bacteria and debris accumulate in the mouth.

To see or observe the results of these problems, take note of the language after a night’s rest. When the mouth is dry for long periods of time, such as during the night, the tongue will be covered with a white or yellow substance. This is the production of active bacteria and the colour is due to accumulated sulfur compounds. The thicker the coating, the more disgusting the breath.

One way to combat this is to use a tongue scraper after brushing your teeth. This will clean the traces of food trapped in the tongue. To do this, start at the back of the tongue and slowly scrape to the tip.

Another simple remedy is to drink water every few minutes to eliminate the bacteria. Before doing anything else in the morning, drink two glasses of warm water. This will help to awaken the body and establish it in active mode, activating internal organs, antibodies and salivary glands.